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Join the first network of real estate agents in Morocco

réseau d’agents immobiliers Milkiya

Milkiya brings a groundbreaking concept to Morocco, redefining real estate practices. With the support of a robust network, our independent agents never work alone. Joining the Milkiya network means becoming part of a community of AMIs, enjoying multiple benefits, all aimed at ensuring every client's real estate project is a success.

Give your career a new dimension

Joining Milkiya means embracing a new, more human and supportive concept where everyone's efforts are rewarded. It's a model that ensures everyone wins, whether you're a buyer, seller, business developer, or real estate agent.
For agents, this means:

  • New business opportunities : Leverage the network's strength alongside a well-crafted lead generation plan to amplify your real estate opportunities
  • Multiple revenue streams : Increase your income by mentoring and training new agents, identifying projects for our partners, or referring projects to other real estate experts.
  • Strong brand development : Benefit from Milkiya's reputation and brand image. Gain visibility through strategic communication and promotional activities.
  • Year-round training : Attend training sessions on various topics to expand your toolkit and enhance your skills.
  • Cutting-edge tools : Access essential tools anytime, anywhere via the Milkiya mobile app, ensuring you're equipped with the latest technology.

How to join the Milkiya network of real estate agents?

Milkiya isn't just another real estate agency. Our concept revolves around building a nationwide network of real estate experts. Our future agents are carefully selected for their professional skills and their commitment to human values. Interested in joining this exciting journey? Follow the guide!


Find a sponsor

Use our online agent directory, your personal or professional network, or get avec assistance from our team..


Explore the Milkiya universe

Attend a presentation session and have interviews with your sponsor and the management team.


Submit your application

With the guidance and support of your sponsor, prepare and submit your application.


Start your journey

Begin your adventure by signing your sponsorship contract, which grants you access to your starter kit and all Milkiya resources.

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